It's time to start the world of amazing dentistry

paediatric / child dentistry

From babies to 12 year olds, We do Dental Check-Ups, Polishing, Carie/ Cavity Prevention, Fluoride Treatment, Theater facility, Teeth sealing, Orthodontic Evaluation and Bad Habbit breaking (eg Thumb Sucking)

Oral Hygiene

We do Dental Check-Ups, Scaling & Polishing (Teeth Cleaning), Oral Health Education, Teeth brushing Technique and Diet Guidance

basic dentistry

It involves Teeth restorations / Filings, Teeth extraction, Gold removal and Repair, Fissure sealants and Digital X-rays


We do Braces, Bridges and Crowns (Permanent False Teeth), Dentures (Removable False Teeth), Night / Mouth Guard / Sports Guard and Root Canal Treatment.

cosmetic dentistry

Crown veneers, Teeth Whitening (Bleaching), Slimming Wires and Bridge Smile Therapy

World Class Technology

Same Day Crown and Bridge, Same Day permanent False Teeth, Comfort Smile in One Day!!!

Comfort Cares School Oral Health Campaign